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Product Highlights

Wideband LED technology activates the hidden “supercharger” in plants for massive flowering results. Older “white” and “purple” LEDs miss a color region that HPS Bulbs and new Wideband LED technology can reach. LED can now finally keep up with HPS!

Replaceable LEDs and components. After each year, LEDs slowly decrease in brightness and technology increases in brightness. Keep your garden the brightest with an LED replacement every 2-3 years. Replace yourself or send in to us for an upgrade to a “brand new” light for a fraction of the cost.

Industry-first linear lenses focus light in an “aisle” for evenly distributed yet powerfully intense light above and below the canopy. Large “sweet spot” vertically and horizontally. Grow “Higher and Wider” even in small areas. Create a sky to fit any space, big or small.

Edge-to-Edge Growth: Keeps the whole garden brighter. More yield and less burn.

Modular System: Create a "sky" to fit any space. Expand the system to your needs.

Passive Cooling: Silent operation with no moving parts that can fail or break.

Lighting Systems Product Features

  • Replaceable parts and upgradeable LEDs. Future-proof.
  • Near-white spectrum shows plants in true color.
  • Dual-direction lenses focus and evenly scatter light.
  • Full-spectrum output from next-gen wideband LEDs.
  • A scientific spectrum makes fast and healthy growth.
  • No harmful UVB rays.
  • No bulb changes and up to 40% energy savings vs. HID.

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