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Henna Leaf Powder


Henna comes from a bush sometimes called the mignonette tree. The powdered leaf is used to produce natural hair dyes and a stain for a form of traditional body art known as Mehndi.

Our red henna, which is a blend of henna leaf, rhubarb and other herbs, will produce varying degrees of auburn depending on your natural shade.


Henna is a shrub-like plant found throughout the Mediterranean region that was commonly used by the ancient Egyptians to color hair and to dye fabrics and leather. Today, henna is a popular alternative to harsh, chemical-based hair dyes.

Depending on your natural color, chestnut henna leaf powder will produce a warm to rich brown on light to dark blonde hair and add warm highlights to darker shades.


Henna is a small tree native to tropical areas of Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia. When introduced to an acid liquid, dried and powdered henna leaf yields a stain that has been used as hair dye for more than 5,000 years.

Unlike chemical dyes, henna coats the hair shaft with a protein called hennatannic acid. The result is subtle and semi-permanent color that fades in a few weeks.

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